User Experience Design

Unstuck Life Courses

One of the products that SYPartners produces is called Unstuck. It all started with the release of award-winning Unstuck app in 2011. Five years later the team was charged with revitalizing the brand with a new product. This is Unstuck Life Courses, an online course that acts as a life coach. The app helps users develop an action plan and approach to solving the problems that come up in their lives.

I joined the Unstuck team as the project really started to kick off. As a design team, we worked on building interactive exercises, downloadable worksheets and various prompts to help coach users through a difficult decision. I worked on many aspects of the app, from developing the hand drawn aesthetic to creating gifs and iconography that added delight to the experience.

We worked in an agile process to build the app, with daily stand-up, sprints and rapid ideation being essential to our process. As a team that moved quickly, I worked directly with developers to do front-end development.