Event Design

Scout Events

As a new and rapidly growing endeavor on campus, I helped position Scout as a champion of design thinking at Northeastern and a resource for students across all majors. I joined the Scout team three months after the organization had been formed, charged with the task of growing Scout’s presence on campus. With a studio of just 20 people, I was part of a three person team that focused on external communications. Two years later I ended up leading team of five, hosting more than 30 events and working with some incredibly talented speakers from across the country.

As a team, it was our job to to organize, promote and facilitate events on campus. We held events bi-weekly, which led to short sprints and tight deadlines. As the Director of Events, I led this team and was responsible for our output. Our goal was always to draw students from a wide range of majors, from graphic design to electrical engineering. To do this, we brought a mix of speakers ranging in expertise. Past events varied from a visual heavy workshop with a typographer to a talk on system design from the Experience Design Director of GE Healthcare.

As this project was a team effort, much of this work was done in collaboration with a fantastic mix of colleagues. A huge thank you to those who help work on the visuals for Scout Events, including Ryan Ma, Ramin Kohanteb, Megan Hill and Kerry Rubenstein.